Monday, March 22, 2010

Tag This! Random Word Generator

I am working with teachers on using Writer's Notebooks this week so many of the posts for the week will feature elements of Writer's Notebooks.

Aimee Buckner shares a writing fluency strategy in "Notebook Know-How" called Writing from a Word.  In this strategy - students are given a noun (or adjective, verbs, adverbs, etc) and asked to write for 20 minutes or so thinking about the word and then just writing, writing, writing.   The goal is to write for the entire time period - even if the writing veers off topic. 

I like using this Random Word Generator to come up with the word that can be written about.  One small problem that I am having with the site is that the word that comes up does not always match the part of speech that I put in.  So - if you are focusing on parts of speech in addition to building up writing stamina and generating ideas, this might not be ideal.

But still - Tag This!

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