Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tag This! Guess the Wordle

I have posted about using Wordle and other word cloud generators here in the past.  While there are lots of ways to use word clouds with students, I was excited to find this resource via my PLN:

This site provides a wordle for classroom teachers to use with their students that follow the following format:

Monday & Wednesday Wordles

Monday's Wordle will be easy. All the words will have ONE thing in common.
Wednesday's Wordle will be a bit more complex. All the words will have TWO things in common.
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Wordles
Tuesday's Wordle will be the date of a famous event in world history.
Thursday's Wordle will be the title of a book, poem, song, fable, etc.
Friday's Wordle will be a famous location.

If you like using visuals and word clouds in your classroom, Tag This!!

My thanks again to Melissa at Technology for the link to the resource!


Melissa said...

I am glad that I was able to help! :-)

Anonymous said...
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