Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So you want to write?

I am very lucky to have a person in my life who I am going to call my Zen Fairy.  Beginning on my birthday last year - a milestone birthday that I was having some diifculty accepting - she and another friend gave me a wonderful gift:

Wreck This Journal is a fantastic journey in not just writing but having a little bit of fun.  Let me tell you - you will never look at fruit stickers the same again!!

This year for my birthday - the Zen Fairy gave me another gift:

I can't explain how amazing the Awe-Manac has been not only for my writing but for my sense of me.  If you are my friend on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, you will sometimes get gems from me that come right from this book.  My only regret is that it is so heavy I can't take it with me when I travel!!

Since my birthday is in January, I couldn't wait for the Zen Fairy to acquire this book that she shared with me and I bought it yesterday:

Life is a Verb has been keeping me company while I travel and added to my list of resources to share with teachers this week as we explore  Writer's Notebooks.

I hope you all have a Zen Fairy in your life - but if you don't, start with one of these to jump start your writing and your zen.


mdintino said...

Awww...your Zen Fairy was pleasantly surprised by your blog posting today!

Here's a companion website when you are traveling without your AWEMANAC:


Theresa G said...

Do you know my Zen Fairy? Can you tell her about the other things I wish for - she hasn't given me those yet! :-)