Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Literacy Coaches - Join Us!!

Angela Stockman, who I am proud to call both friend and colleague, has been a wonderful resource for literacy leaders in the Western New York region for quite some time and has recently agreed to help the teachers that I work with by facilitating a regional meeting of literacy coaches and leaders. We are calling it WNYLIT.  (Read about our first formal meeting here.)

As a result of that work, she has created the WNYLIT Ning which I encourage you to join and participate.

I stress the "and participate" part because forums, whether online or face-to-face, are only as good as what everyone is able to contribute.  In an effort to share our experiences, avoid having to re-invent the wheel when resources (both financial and personal) are scarce and to break down the proverbial classroom walls - we hope to have great discussions going on here!!  Including a book to read "together" this summer!!

Jump in and join us!


Angela said...

Thanks, Theresa!! I am so grateful to you and Erie 2 for providing a place to meet and connect with other coaches....the ning is an added opportunity, and I'm very excited to see others beyond our area joining in the conversation there! : ))

Anonymous said...
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