Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Revision Fun!

That's right - I said fun.  I truly think that revision can be an opportunity for writers to have some fun with their work, to take it in a new direction.  In fact, I love this definition found through a quick Google search:

revise/revision – the process of reworking or reseeing writing, which includes: considering changes in audience, purpose, focus, organization, style; elaborating, emphasizing, clarifying, or simplifying text (adding, deleting, reordering, or substituting) [Source here]

Roy Peter Clark shares some fabulous resources for seeing author's revisions - a great model for students.  From Shelley to Elvis -these resources are a great visual for revision.

Or you could try your own hand at creating something similar with Crocodoc, a fun web-based tool to share and revise documents! You can share and revise PDF and Word documents (see a fun demo here) as well as power point slides!!  A great tool for peer review!!

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