Saturday, February 27, 2010

What we can learn about writing from Shaun White

The Olympics are winding down and no matter where they are hosted or who actually wins, there are always incredible global stories while watching.  In honor of these past two weeks, I am adapting this from a post over on The Talent Code blog.

First - head over there to watch the video and read the original post.  Go ahead - I'll wait.

Fun right? So here is my take as it relates to writing:

Lesson One: Start out with the big picture first.  Who is your audience? What do you want to communicate? What is the best voice for you to use?  Brainstorm - sketch - get out the big picture first.

Lesson Two: Isolate and compress the key elements.  Draft writing is critical here - revision is key.  Play with the words, switch your intro and your conclusion, cross out entire paragraphs, start in the middle. Play in the "foam pit" (or what I call the sandbox) and don't be afraid to perfect just one element a day.

Lesson Three: Work in a stepwise manner. Read your writing aloud, share it with someone else. Does it flow? Is it logical? Are there more revisions that you could do?

Lesson Four: Put a year's worth of writing into one day. Well - not literally, but write every day.

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