Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Tag This: WordItOut

Many teachers have already discovered Wordle, which allows you to convert text into a word cloud to focus on the most often used words.  It has proven to be a great revision tool for students when copying their own text - to see which words are used most often, what the general theme of a piece and many other applications.  You can find other uses for wordle on this post.

A new word cloud generator has arrived: WordItOut.  The word cloud I created of this blog address can be found here.

What's nice about WordItOut is that it allows you to customize the words that are not read in creating the word cloud, as well as customizing the font and the size.  I may start using this site more often as I explore the use of visualizing text to enhance writing.

What are your thoughts?


mssanderson_ITS said...

I've never seen WordItOut... thanks for sharing! I like that it gives embed code. The last time I checked Wordle did not.

Mrs. Kondrick said...

I love it. Used it already, thank you Theresa!