Friday, October 12, 2007

Connections all over the place...

I know I shouldn't be blogging right now....My "to do" pile only seems to be growing this Friday afternoon, I have been creating data reports all day, and the sun is shining. But as I take a break to sit upright and read, I am finding connections all over the place!! And from just one email newsletter from NCTE!

First - a blog post about the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus. I was introduced to this site by a wonderful fifth grade teacher last year and blogged about it then. More recently - I had an opportunity to use it with teachers in talking about what makes a "good" website.

Then - I read an article about SE Hinton and the fortieth anniversary of "The Outsiders." I used Cris Tovani's Literary Histories this week in an inservice and more than one teacher brought up this book as an important piece of their past. I still remember reading it - and more importantly remember re-reading it with one of my eighth grade students who was a struggling reader. You go Devon!!

And THEN - I find a lesson plan to one of my favorite books to use with vocabulary: Miss Alaineus: A Vocabulary Disaster!! Vocabulary was a topic of my inservice earlier this week - and it seems to be a thread that ran throughout the entire week. Each and every day of this very short, yet somehow incredibly long week, featured a discussion on vocabulary!!

And finally - I am intrigued by the ingenious teacher who decided to give the parents of his students homework by asking them to read the same things their children were and complete assignments on his blog!! Some interesting nuggets to chew on there!!

In a few more hours I will be connecting again - with my family and my couch and my weekend. In the meantime, I hope this finds you all well and rested!!

Photo from Jupiter Images.

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