Saturday, June 09, 2007

Writing Thesis Statements

From think:lab, I stumbled upon this guidance from Mrs. Trudeau to her students on writing thesis statements:

You've read about globalization, we've discussed the advantages and drawbacks in class, and you've heard from two individuals who are directly involved in their everyday working lives. Now it's your turn! Write a thesis statement that clearly identifies your viewpoint about this topic. Use the formula below to help you create your thesis statement, and post your thesis statement here on our class blog.



Even more interesting are some of the responses from her students:

kugelmax said:
I believe globalization is advantageous because it creates more jobs and allows people to move companies across the country for cheaper prices.

rubelsarxox said:
I think Globalization is a good and bad thing. It's a good thing because it connects the U.S. to other countries and makes us closer. Also, It opens trade, gives good pay to foreign workers, and is less expensive to sell and buy goods. I think it's a bad thing because it makes American workers loose their jobs, and it harder to find a new job in the United States than in China, Depending on age.

klaukkir said:
I think globalization is a good thing becouse we get products for a cheaper price and it links the U.S together. It also gives jobs to people with a low income in china.

I see this as a rich blogging opportunity in just about any classroom. Why?

1. Students are focusing on only one aspect of writing - but a very critical one: thesis statements. It is short but easily assessed and rich mini-lessons can follow; spelling, grammar, stating one opinion, etc.
2. It is a quick assessment of whether students understood the concepts that were taught - can they synthesize them into an opinion that can be supported?
3. Because it is social, students who might not be sure can read the responses of other classmates to help them form their view point. (NOTE - I said form, not steal!)
4. I am not sure if the students ever had to support these statements in writing or a class activity - but what a great way to see if you are on the write track!!

Happy writing!

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