Friday, May 28, 2010

Tag This! Edistorm

I have been playing around with collaborative brainstorming for some time now and have found this new site: Edistorm.

It seems to address some of the issues I have had with other sites:
  • You can have more than one color "post-it" on the brainstorm page - this makes it much more useful for categorizing
  • You can comment on the "post-it" - I envision being able to ask for more elaboration, etc.
  • You can "vote" for your favorite ideas - this is one thing I think is missing from the whole brainstorming process, what to do once you get all the ideas out.  Vote - pick one for an action item.  Do something!
Join in - I started one on Writer's Notebook ideas to get the hang of it.

Tag this!


Jennifer said...

I tried to check out the link but I needed to create an account. Is there a public link?

Theresa G said...

Sorry about that - one of my pet peeves in websites is needing to register. I checked and can't find a way to make it public but will keep playing!