Thursday, January 07, 2010

What Does it Mean to be Literate in the 21st Century?

This question has been bubbling in my brain for almost a year now - and I am not sure that I have the definitive answer yet.  I do know that the definition of literacy has expanded as technology becomes a larger part of our lives.

I am hopeful as I anxiously await what my state (NY) will be doing with the revision of our ELA standards.  Hopeful that some of the "new literacies" will be embedded or at least referenced.  (It seems that we don't hold ourselves accountable for teaching things unless they are in a standards document or assessment lately!)

I am anxious to hear what others think as we participate in a book talk over on the English Companion Ning on William Kist's The Socially Networked Classroom(There is a discount of 20% for EC Ning members!)  

And I hope to make these thoughts a bit more public in this space - with some feedback from readers of course! (I'll use literacy21 as the tag for those posts.)

This video gives the perspectives of some educators in the UK (seemingly ahead of the US in the work with literacy and technology) - give it a look and share what you think!!

NOTE: I found a new tool called SynchTube that allows people to watch videos and chat about them at the same time.  You can comment on the video and share inspiration and connections at the same time!  There is a current limit of four participants but this literacy vido seems like a great one to try it out with!! (And if you do - please let me know how it went!)

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