Monday, January 25, 2010


I received a Kindle for Christmas, after coveting my mom's for a very long time.  It seems I was not alone!!

Lately - we have been discussing the role that eReaders might play in classrooms.  After a recently technology committee meeting, I have been searching for more information on how folks are using them in classrooms and what benefit there is.  (We will put aside the other debate of which eReader for the moment.)
Aside from these sites, I found a lot of questions about how to integrate the use of eReaders.  For me - it still comes down to what do you want to do with them?  I can absolutely see engaging the students in what they are reading by having them annotate text (of course, Post-It note stock might go down!)  I can also see the use of both the dictionary and the audio reading functions for all students.  And of course - the technology itself will, at least initially, engage the students.

But there are many other issues I hear teachers and school districts raising; What happens when one is lost/damaged? How do we pay for the books? etc.  And - with many of the ebooks available via laptops - what is difference between equipping students with a laptop versus an eReader?

I am not sure what to think - but am interested in what you are thinking!! Leave a though or two!

More on eReaders:
If you are thinking about using e-books, this site will tell you how to get free ones for your classroom.  And if you are thinking about purchasing a Kindle and you like audio-books, check out this deal to get $100 off!!

One thing I do know is that I will not be taking my Kindle into the tub or swimming pool anytime soon so this gadget won't appear on my wishlist!!

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Knaus said...

I'm not sold on a single purpose device like the Kindle or, in other areas, student response systems.

What I am excited about is the Kindle App coming to Mac.

I'm getting a set of Macbooks and having this app would be awesome. My only question is this: Can I purchase a discounted "class set" of ebooks to use in my classroom?

Could I set up a teacher account and have each student log in using that?

That is the only stumbling block that I forsee.