Thursday, April 12, 2007

Visual Writing

It's April - it's freezing - and my furnace broke!

Normally I would be a bit more upset but since my beloved Sabres begin their quest for Lord Stanley's Cup today and I begin my quest for peace, quiet and a tan on Sunday - things could be worse!!

So I am catching up on some Bloglines and have lost myself creating a Scrapblog. This free site allows you to take pictures and create virtual scrapbooks (complete with stickers and voice bubbles) that can be posted online. My sample page using two of the books I have mentioned on this blog is below.

The site is pretty simple to use and it made me think about students who need to visually map out a story before they write. Imagine them taking photos from their own collection or from Flickr and using the scrapbook pages to create a storyboard! Then sharing that story board and getting comments on it!! It would teach them organization and voice!! They would have fun!! They would still be writing!!

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Mrs. Kondrick said...

Another cool tool. I don't have enough time to do play with all the great resources I have learned about lately. Epically since my (ok, our) Sabres will be playing every other night for the next two months. Hove fun in the sun!!