Tuesday, April 10, 2007

iPod Grammar

I've been investigating the use of podcasts lately and was thrilled to stumble across the Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing, again via Choice Literacy.

Now - grammar is not my forte, and in all honesty, neither is auditory learning. I found that I needed to write as Grammar Girl was talking in order to see the grammar piece (I was listening to a lesson on run-on sentences.) But -the tone of her voice was friendly and easy to listen to, as was the content. I could see this being a nice library for mini-lessons or an opener for class. (Oh! And I found out at the end that a transcript of the podcast is available!!)

But more than that....I think it is a great model for the podcasts that some of the great writing teachers I work with could write.

Check out Grammar Girl - free from iTunes!!

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Mrs. Kondrick said...

I too have been checking out the benefit of podcasts for both my students and I. I really like the vocabulary builder "Just vocabulary". you can find it at itunes as well. I find both the narrators and the computer generated pronunciation wonderful.