Thursday, September 02, 2010

Back to School - Back to Blogging!!

Here it is - the start of a new school year in Western New York!

About half of our districts start this week - with another half starting next.  I know my own family is split - with the eldest two nieces starting today and the youngest niece and nephew starting next week.

So - like me, now is the time to get into blogging!!

Whether you have been neglecting your class blog or just been too hesitant to jump write in - the Edublogger Student Blogging Challenge will begin soon!!

What is it?
  • 10 weekly tasks designed to improve blogging and commenting skills
  • Connecting with a global audience!
  • Open to class blogs and individual student blogs
  • NOT limited to blogs hosted by Edublogger
  • FREE!!
Click here to see more and most importantly, to register!!  And then share the links of your class/student blogs so we can see the fun and development!

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