Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Not Your Father's Principal

When I presented at the NYSCATE Leadership Summit in mid-July I was very disappointed to learn that my session was up against a leader that I truly wanted to see: George Couros.  George is a K-12 principal for a district outside of Alberta, Canada and is truly inspiring.  (Visit his blog and you will see why! I am especially partial to his post on "Play")

George recently presented at the Reform Symposium, an online conference.  You can catch his presentation on a fantastic school movement called "Identity Day" here.  It's a long session (just over 2 hours) but incredibly inspiring!  On Identity Day, everyone within the school community shares their passion.

George had me at "Relationships are central to everything...and are more important than academics."  But beyond that it is that they start with what is in the best interests of the students and work backwards from there.  He share the link to Daniel Pink's trailer for Drive in which he asks "What's your sentence?" a powerful force to have students write and think about.

How are you transforming learning? What's your sentence?


George Couros said...

Hey Theresa! Thanks for your positive comments on my presentation. I am glad that you have felt I represented what my staff and school did that day; I was very proud. I echo your sentiments about NYSCATE. I wanted to see you as well!

As for Dan Pink's video and book, it is a definite read and inspiration for educators. I highly recommend it for how we look at what we do with our students and how they are motivated.

Thanks again for the positive comments. It means a lot coming from you :)

marry said...

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