Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ranting and Writing

Great post over at Two Writing Teachers on some powerful writing activities that she engaged in. (Yes. You must go there. Now. And read about them. Go - I'll wait!)

And I learned about "Rant Poetry" - something I had never heard of but apparently has a very long history!  Following the steps in that link - behold my rant poem:

"Write an essay" the teacher tells them
They should know how to do that
They are in high school for Pete's Sake
"Just write an essay"

But what is an "essay?"
How many paragraphs should it have?
What should it say? How should I say it?
"Just write an essay!!"

But no one ever really taught me how to write an essay
I mean I know how to write but I don't know how to
make my words come alive
convey all that I know
organzie my brain so it makes sense to yours
self-edit to catch my silly mistakes

Everyone says "Just write!"
But no one ever taught me to write!

Well that felt better - what would you like to rant about?

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