Friday, May 29, 2009

Back to Blogging

In reviewing this blog since its inception, it seems I always go in fits and starts. Long gaps appear as I get frustrated with the blog or things happen in my life that take me away from the computer. But I always feel better when I write and so I always come back to the blog.

I have lots of posts in draft form as I cement my thoughts around things like using a writer's notebook, digital/connective writing, the revision of NYS ELA standards to include viewing and presenting and many, many other topics but I laughed out loud and felt the need to share when I watched this video by Scott Ginsberg, a prolific writer, who gives some pretty compelling reasons to blog.

What have you been doing if you haven’t been blogging?

Thanks to ConverStations for pointing the way to video!


Mrs. Kondrick said...

Okay, o I heven't been blogging. You have nudged me... I guess I will try a little more often. I guess I am always waiting fo som big ephaniny that will change all that read it.

I have however been exposing my students to viewing and presenting (the new additions to our standards).

My 7th & 8th grade students read one of the 2010 primary (picture book)Charlotte award book nominees, wrote and podcasted reviews. After listening to each others reviews they had to read all of them so they could vote for one book.

Now they are critically viewing commercials, so they can write and film their own about one of the books.

I will try to blog...tomorrow!

Mrs. Kondrick said...

oops here are their podcasts.

Mrs. Kondrick said...

Okay, I blogged. On my Ripley Website.

Theresa G said...

Those podcasts are great! I love hearing the kids talk about the books they read - and give their opinions them. They sound so practiced and poised! Good for them!

And I love how open and honest you are on your school blog! We can keep each other honest this summer about our writing! And I always love to hear what you learn at WNY Writer's Project!

Anonymous said...
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