Monday, September 01, 2008

Saying Good-Bye to Summer

As we all head back to our classrooms and meeting with students, a give from the big, beautiful world wide web:

Just launched a few weeks ago, The Picnic Basket is already home to 40+ reviews by librarians and teachers. Be sure to see what your colleagues have to say about the featured books (you can access reviews by the "comments" link under each title or title/genre headings in the left sidebar). Remember, there are more reviews due to come in (I know it's a hectic time of year with the start of school and those novels take a bit longer to read and review... we'll wait!), so be sure to check back as you consider what books to bring into your classroom or library.

My first book to review is on its way to me - and I can't wait!!


Shelly Burns said...


How do you get to be a book reviewer? This is something I am very interested in.

Deborah Sloan said...

Hi Teresa - so glad you came to the picnic (basket) and for sharing the news of it with your blog readers. The more at the picnic, the merrier! It's all about putting good books into the hands of those of you who use them with the kids.
And, to Shelly who asked about how to be a book reviewer? Just go to, check out the titles that are featured; if one appeals to you, click on the "order your reviewer's copy now" link at the bottom of the posting and send your name, address, affiliation to the publisher. They'll send you a book with info on how to post your review on the site and you're off! Hope to be reading your reviews soon.
- Deborah Sloan

Mrs. Kondrick said...

I can't wait to read about woman pirates!!!

What a great find.


Theresa G said...

Shelly: I think Deborah answered your question but I can add my perspective as a "newbie." The links in the blog post for the books connect you right to email to request the books. I focused on historical fiction pieces and I already have the books and will finish the first tonight. I am loving this and can't wait to pass the book itself along.

Deborah: Thanks for the picnic!

Karen: How did you know that I would be reading about female pirates as well?

Anonymous said...

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