Monday, April 28, 2008


I tend to get lost in book stores. Not literally - but time tends to slip away from me once I cross the doorframe. And I never seem to leave without having left a hefty chunk of my paycheck behind.

I buy all kinds of books. Ones my friends recommend on Good Reads, one that I read about on blogs or other places, ones I just happen to randomly pull from the shelves and read.

I spend hours in the kid lit section as well. As my nieces and nephews learn to read and find out what they enjoy - I try to find other books for them to try out. Kindergarten niece read Fancy Nancy at the Museum on our vacation to Aruba. This book was great for teaching vocabulary a la Lemony Snicket but in a much more pleasant setting!!

So it was my great delight to find a reference to Lookybooks waiting for me in my RSS feeds!! This new site is still in beta but allows you to read the entire book online, not just the cover and selected pages. There are not a lot of books available yet - but it seems that more get added each day. And did I mention that it is free?

Here is one that I stumbled upon that I really like as a mentor text for kids writing about their trips. Having just come back from spring break in WNY - it seemed appropriate!! Great details with interesting pictures - this book is also a strong example of voice. Check out Zoe Sophia's Scrapbook:An Adventure in Venice:

What Lookybook do you recommend?

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Mrs. Kondrick said...

The site has a nice collection of Loreen Leedy. I found one on the new food pyramid. I sent it to my health teacher.