Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Find Your Passion....Unleash Your Brillance

Here at the NSDC Conference, the learning opportunities can almost be overwhelming. I tend to overbook myself and then have to stop for a breather. But we had an interesting keynote this week the message won't leave my head.

Simon Bailey spoke to the group about releasing brillance through the power of imagination. We can't be limited anymore by what has always been done or the fact that no one has ever tried that before. If in business the most valuable resource is it's people - then in education, isn't it our kids?

And of course, in many of our sessions it is the "revised" Bloom's Taxonomy that is being used by presenters. In this one - the top level is CREATE!! Although I first read the new taxonomy and rationale two years ago, I have been hesitant to incorporate it into what I do - afraid, I suppose, that it was too unfamiliar to the teachers I work with. No longer! You can bet this is the version you will see!!

Kids as the most important thing. Create as the most important thing to do.

What does that have to do with writing? I came across this blog today - I am not going to say any more about it except that you have to read it. Don't say you are too busy or pass by clicking on this link: READ IT!!!

And then tell me why we can't get that kind of passionate writing within our (real or virual) classroom walls.

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Angela Stockman said...

Thank you for linking to my daughter's site, Theresa. You'll find your blog listed on our "In the News and on the Web" page.