Sunday, July 15, 2007

Collaborative Stories

Stumbled upon this collaborative writing wiki from teachers in Alabama. The stories are pretty great - some a bit rougher than others but they show what a powerful collaborative tool wikis can be!!

I am thinking about their use for curriculum mapping, planning for larger workshops and teacher collaborative writing. I use lots of different wiki spaces at the moment, but haven't yet settled on a favorite.

Will Richardson also has an interesting post on wikis - Wikipedia specifically. I think the biggest hurdle I have encountered in using wikis with educators has been the idea that it is intended to be a collaborative, not static, web page. He outlines a "classic teachable moment" - be sure to read it!!

It seems to keep coming back to a control factor of sorts - yes, we want to control what our kids post on-line so that it is not harmful to anyone and so that it is in a "final" format - correct puncutation, grammar, spelling, etc. But the power of wikis are that in addition to writing - we can help students work on their editing and revision skills.

I need to think about this more before my next Wiki workshop so that I can model it for teachers better.

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