Sunday, February 25, 2007

Story Squared

Starting a story is probably the most difficult thing for me to sit down and do. I have many pages in several notebooks of story pieces but having to actually sit down and weave them together is something that I try to avoid. When it comes to writing I have great ideas (at least I think so!) but it seems that I can't string together 800 words that would matter to anyone.

I am now hooked on Story Squared but I need friends who will play along. I picked on my friend Jenn because I have faith that she will humor my new found technology and will allow me to play a bit with this new site. But I see a real application for writing in our classrooms.

You see - while I was in middle school, I co-wrote a serial drama with my friend Mary. It was called Dr. Mare's Hospital and it featured players loosely based upon our own social life. Of course, Dr. Mary and Dr. Theresa had throngs of men available to them and we found ourselves in many prediciments that bested those of many soap operas. It was all in good fun - although I do recall a time or two that it got us into some hot water. We wrote the notes when we should have been paying attention in class and passed them in the hallway. I found a small stash the other day - and laughed out loud at how simple our life seemed then. I didn't throw them away - but I don't think they'll be published soon!!

So I guess I have always been a better social writer than a solitary one. This is where Story Squared comes in!! This wonderful site allows you to start a story and invite friends to join in to continue it. You can limit entries to a sentence, paragraph, or page and even set a time limit for friends to respond. There are even pubic stories that anyone can add to.

Try it out! And don't forget to invite me!!


Mrs. Kondrick said...

Okay, so now I'm inspired. I always secretly think I could be a "great" writer, but it is much safer to dream of someday, and consequently put off the dream. If I don't try, I can't fail. I also know the only way I can truly help my students is to be a writer myself. I stated a story and invited colleagues, my mom, and kids. This looks like it may be so much fun, I will write everyday!!

Theresa G said...

I am so excited that I will get to write with you on this great collaborative tool!! It is addicting!