Monday, January 22, 2007

Musings on Writings

NPR never fails me - particulary on a Monday morning!! Here are two gems I thought I'd pass along!

Well - at least she is writing!!
A 25 year old hotel employee actually wrote herself out of a job by keeping a journal. Seems when her supervisor told her to stop writing on company time, she switched over to the computer. When her supervisor found the new journal on the work computer - she was fired for misuse of company time. Last week, a judge denied her request for unemployment benefits.

The topic of her journal? How to avoid work!! Listen to the podcast!

Writing for the future.
It seems there is a website out there called Future Me that allows you to create an email for anyone (yourself included) and send it to them at any point between tomorrow and the year 2037. Future Me will deliver the contents on the specified date.

This intrigues me!! As of this moment, there have been 365,722 letters written to the future and counting... I know I sent myself a birthday message for next year!!

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